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Ford is a renowned American automobile company that produces passenger cars from brands such as Mercury, Ford and Lincoln. The headquarters is located in the state of Michigan, the town of Dearborn. The company owes its foundation to Henry Ford, who opened a small firm in 1903 and began making cheap Ford cars. Henry wanted to significantly reduce the cost of car production, thereby making his models as cheap as possible. And he succeeded: Ford cars are really affordable. In 1913, the company was the first to introduce a method of standardizing interchangeable parts of products and used conveyor technology in the manufacture of automobiles. This step made it possible to raise labor productivity by 40-60% in just a year. In the 30s, Ford cars became the most popular in the USA, then in the UK and other European countries. Today the company has its own assembly and production centers in 30 countries around the world. Ford's lineup includes urban compact cars, seme

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